Renewable and non-renewable energy: what are advantages and disadvantages

An energy is a measure of the ability of a system to change a state, to produce work involving movement, electromagnetic radiation, or heat. There are renewable and non-renewable energies.


 Renewable energies

These are energies which are naturally renewed quickly and which are inexhaustible on the scale of human time. Of natural origin, they come from cyclical and constant phenomena induced by celestial bodies. It is essentially the sun which generates heat and light, but also the attraction of the moon and the heat generated by the earth. So there are solar, wind, hydro, biomass and geothermal energies as types of renewable energies. Find out more...

The fact that these energies are renewable depends not only on the speed at which they are consumed but also on the speed at which they are renewed. They are cleaner and less polluting than non-renewable ones because they do not emit greenhouse gases. They are more ecological, available in mass on the terrestrial globe and free. In addition, the use of these energies promotes the economic and energy independence of countries. Despite the many advantages of renewable energies, it should not be forgotten that their performance depends entirely on the state of nature. In the absence of wind, wind energy in production becomes weak as well as solar energy in cloudy weather.


 Non-renewable energies

As opposed to renewable energies, non-renewable energies still called fossil fuels are exhaustible. They come from resources such as coal, oil, natural gas and uranium, the quantity of which is naturally limited. These mines are used in the production of electric and nuclear energy. As useful as they are, their use around the world is not without its drawbacks. They are a source of pollution and a source of conflict in the world. In addition, their price keeps increasing.

Renewable or non-renewable energies are both important for country development.

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