Why opt for an intranet?

The intranet is a computer network unique to the company, composed of pages and applications. It is an internal Internet site which gathers multiple functions and knows how to follow the trend. You are probably wondering why you should turn to this network. Well, you should!  Find out the reasons in this guide.

To improve productivity and employee engagement

Implementing an intranet solution will harmonize your workforce and bring your employees into a space where they can express themselves and be heard. Then their opinions can be considered. In fact, the McKinsey Global Institute recently found that the productivity of companies in which employees are connected and the organization itself is connected to increase by 20-25%. On https://www.my-intranet.com/en/, you get more informations.

Increasing this productivity can bring real added value to your business. In addition, it will reduce overall costs while providing a connected platform for your employees. It also provides your employees with all the tools they need to do their jobs, with a centralized structure that eliminates the need to continually switch between software.

Improve collaboration and communication

Another benefit of the intranet is that its space is designed to improve collaboration and communication between employees. The ability to share, comment and edit documents allows employees to work together on many projects regardless of their location.

The intranet's focus on communication increases the transparency of the workplace, letting your employees know that effective communication is the main goal of your company.

Software customization

The intranet allows you to customize your solution according to your company's needs. All these tools will allow you to determine your needs in order to set up your intranet solution. You also have the possibility to customize your intranet software.