What you need to know about the exhibition stand

In the quest for notoriety and customers, companies use communication media (for certain occasions), including the exhibition stand. This modern and useful tool can be found in many places of sale. But what should we really know about exhibition stands ?

What is an exhibition stand ?

An exhibition stand is a communication support or surface, used to promote products, solutions or services. So try this out to learn more.

Exhibition stands are used during events, conventions, trade shows, fairs... They allow to give a better visibility to products or offers. It is possible to add several other accessories to this communication tool to make it equally attractive.

The design of an exhibition stand takes into account several elements such as decoration, furniture, carpeting and lighting.

It should be noted that the type of exhibition stand, the use to be made of it, its size are the criteria considered to choose this furniture. These criteria influence the price of the exhibition stand.

What are the types of exhibition stands ?

There are several types of exhibition stands. There is the custom exhibition stand, the folding exhibition stand, the modular exhibition stand and the traditional exhibition stand. The last one is usually bought or rented from the event organizers, by the exhibitors. They are practical, prestigious and efficient.

However, these traditional exhibition stands are not personalized and therefore do not allow you to stand out from the competition. For other models of exhibition stands, it is useful to choose according to the budget, if you know your needs beforehand.

As for custom-made stands, the buyer must place his order by specifying his expectations. This way, he can bring a personal touch to his marketing communication support and can assert himself during trade shows, conventions or others. However, the manufacturing of exhibition stands is normally entrusted to the stand maker.