What you need to know about hacking

In a world where computer systems are used on a daily basis to help ease our work and store important data, a specific set of people will surely come to light. These people can be considered experts in IT for their knowledge of computer systems far exceeds what we think. Hackers have been around for a while now and their presence hasn’t gone unnoticed. With that being said, what do we really know about hackers? Here is some information we gathered to shed some light on the topic.

What is the role of a hacker?

Hacking is the act of compromising computer systems by exploiting their weak point with the help of codes. Depending on the intentions of the hacker, they can either act in good faith or for darker purposes. You can check out this article on how hackers breached school computer system. Hackers are mainly divided into two groups. The white hat hackers are those who access systems in other to protect or help in some way. In fact, they often work with the authorities and help them solve complex cases. They also work with companies and help identify the weak point of their system. Then there are the black hat hackers who are generally up to no good. They tend to illegally access systems with malicious intent (such as stealing people personal information or black mail them in some way). 

How to become a hacker?

Unlike what we usually see in the movies, hacking is not just pushing a bunch of keys on your keyboard. To become a hacker, it is a must to have a specific set of skills, to be able to analyze situations and find solutions, and also have a deep knowledge of computer systems. For all these reasons, it is not that easy to become a hacker, but with the appropriate training, this might be achievable.