What should I know about Captain Verify?

There is a wide range of applications specialized in the protection and security of websites. This is the case of Captain Verify which also allows you to protect your personal information. It should be noted that Captain Verify verifies email addresses and protects your personal data. You will have more details in the following lines.

The Captain Verify application verifies email addresses

Just like antivirus software that protects computers from computer viruses, Captain Verify also plays a similar role. Captain Verify allows you to check an email address, which can also be called email verification service.

Captain Verify allows you to verify the email address of a company or a person thanks to a complete analysis that it makes in order to ensure the veracity of its addresses. It allows you to identify the real as well as the false email addresses.

This verification allows you to make sure that you will be able to contact valid emails or mails in case of urgent need of these people possessing these emails. Captain Verify sorts out the expired addresses as well as the false ones and proceeds to their definitive deletion. It should be noted that this deletion is free.

The Captain Verify application protects your personal data

Captain Verify allows you to protect your personal information from being leaked when you are registered on a website that has been hacked. It is therefore a very useful application to test if need be.

So Captain Verify protects the knowledge of your name, your phone number, your email, your home address by the author of the hacking.

You also have the possibility to check with the mail test tool to detect if your email address or mail has been corrupted during the hacking of the site where you are registered. Thanks to the Captain Verify application, you can surf the Internet with peace of mind knowing that Captain Verify protects you against any hacking.