Trading and its contours

Trading is the act of buying and selling stocks for the purpose of earning recurring income. It is done online where financial assets in different market like stocks, currencies, commodities or derivatives; are sold and bought with a view to making money by making a profit through online trading platforms or mobile trading applications made available to traders free of charge on the internet by brokers. Trading is an activity requiring expertise in finance and economic anticipation.


 Wo is this a trader?

A trader is a value trader engaged by a bank, brokerage or investment firm. He is a financier, economic analyst who anticipates stock market fluctuations in order to obtain profits. To become a trader, it is advisable to have at least a bachelor's degree in economics and management and then a master's degree in banking and finance acquired in an engineering or business school. Usually anyone can learn to trade to become a professional.


  Howo become an online trader?

The first step is to open an account with an online broker. Then follow training in analysis and trading techniques but also in risk management. Finally, once the training is received, it is necessary to embark on the acquisition of experience and the improvement of trading methods.

Trading requires a strong mind to overcome losses and recover from them.



 The risks associated with trading and some tips

The enormous financial loss of an investment due to a miscalculation or an ill-considered decision causes excessive emotional states in the trader which endanger his health. Indeed, trading often puts stress on the nerves, the mind and the physical condition.

However, with good risk management, the risk of loss can be controlled and contained. You should first make sure you choose a reliable broker (broker) and then use a stop less for each position, which will automatically close the trader's position if the market moves against him in certain proportions.