Top 3 best accounting software for business

Accounting is the essential key to healthy growth for all businesses despite it being a time-consuming and rarely appreciated task. At the moment the range of useful software for accounting is very wide and diversified. There are simple, fast and 100% dedicated software for SMEs, VSEs and startups. Discover in this article the best accounting software according to your needs for your business.

Spendesk, reliable and flexible

Spendesk software allows your company to set up a simple and intuitive process to control, pay, track and analyze your employees’ expenses. This accounts receivable management software has a mobile application. Thanks to this dedicated mobile application, the risk of loss of receipts is reduced, your employees can save receipts and invoices with a simple photo and thus facilitate the accounting management of expense reports. It also allows them to send their expense reports and track their expenses in real time. Your employees also have access to virtual cards to track their payments and have all the information about their cards for any online purchase.

Pennylane, the software specific to start-ups, VSEs and SMEs

Pennylane accounting software targets start-ups, VSEs and SMEs. Today, this solution brings real added value to companies whose accounting is complex due to large flows. The Pennylane accounting software thus allows the entry of your data, synchronization and categorization is done automatically thanks to its various integrations, this makes it possible to obtain a correct and verified database. It also allows the rapid generation of accounting documents such as the balance sheet, the income statement, tax declarations, the tax package and the bank reconciliation between the company’s invoices and the receipts and disbursements. Thanks to the Pennylane software, your company can regularly obtain detailed report data on its receipts, disbursements, cash balance.

iTool, purely digital software

The iTool accounting software is the first French software publisher to go digital. It allows you to manage your general accounting without difficulty instantly, to edit invoices and quotes. It also allows you to enter entries and create tax packages. With this software, your company can benefit from web advantages even in the management of accounting, commercial management and the processing of tax forms. In addition, it has a neat ergonomics which makes it pleasant to use with free web conferences and unlimited assistance. This SaaS software does not require any installation for the company.