Some tips to secure your website or your server

For some time now, we have noticed that hacking problems are on the rise. Hacking problems come unexpectedly and when you don't expect it, you will just be surprised by the damage. These problems have increased especially when telecommuting has increased during the lockdown period. But there is a way out: it's securing sites and servers. So how do you secure your website or email server ?

Set up a password system

Before explaining this part, you can go to, if you want to put your site or your server on a total surveillance. Even now, some platforms that are supposed to ensure the security of sites and servers hack more than we think. You need to trust a reliable platform, and there is none more reliable than the one mentioned above.

Let's get back to the facts that interest us. So, in order to secure your site or your mail server, you need to start by setting up a privacy policy that deals with passwords. This policy must be respected by everyone who accesses the site or server. To do this, you must enable two-factor authentication. Also, avoid using short passwords; opt for complex passwords (at least ten characters). Be careful and never use your personal information as passwords...

Inserting a secure system with HTTPS

If you want the secure version of HTTP, here it is. This is the version that takes care of the security of two systems during a communication. It is used to encrypt all outgoing or incoming information from the mail server thanks to the presence of SSL on the server.

Your information will therefore be secure and inaccessible to any hacker. 
You can also update your site or server on a daily basis. This is a safer way to protect your information systems against possible hackers.