Some of the best plugins to install your chatbot

The chatbot is the option that most entrepreneurs choose to make their point. Not only does it facilitate exchanges between the company and the customers, but it can also take care of other business management. So there are several tools to create it and here are the best ones.

Botsify, chatfuel, and Flow XO

You have a wide range of choices when it comes to the tool to create your chatbot. Get full details by clicking on the important link. Botsify is the best chatbot creation tool if you want to create it on Facebook or Messenger. With this tool, you have the chance to make your different settings on a simple and freeway. In case you want to enjoy more features, you can opt for the premium version for which you have to pay 20 dollars every month. Chatfuel is also a chatbot creation tool that you can opt for.

 This one is suitable for chatbots on you can create Messenger and on telegram. With this tool, your created chatbot will allow you to customize as easily as you want. This tool is fully free. As for Flow XO, you can use your chatbot on a large number of platforms. If you are one of the first 500 users, Flow XO will be free for you as well, otherwise, you have to pay about $20 every month for the premium version., and sequel

The chatbot creation tool allows you to customize your chatbot. Its functionalities are diversified and if you are lucky enough to integrate at most 1000 messages per month, you will benefit from the free version. Otherwise, you will have to pay 15 dollars each month for the premium version. With the sequel, you can create a chatbot that will allow you to perform group chats in addition to other features.