Importance of social medias for organizations

Markets have become conversations.  This reality assumes that new technologies, in particular the Internet, allow new ways of sharing knowledge to be invented faster.  The markets are said to be "smarter".  Forums, blogs and social networks are the new influencers for consumers.  It is important to listen to the discourse of these platforms and to analyze them to get the true picture of the opinion of the public.

Create a community around your organization or brand

Some organizations have initiated brand communities.  This initiative allows him to identify the brand's influencers who will influence the opinions of other consumers by providing positive information.  This way of doing things is part of the notion of co-production of value, which integrates the customer into the company's strategy.  This kind of community requires innovation in discourse, regular updating of information and originality. For more information on the subject, click here.

Another key factor to an effective social media strategy is listening to members, called “customer listening” or more commonly, “community manager”.  The latter can participate in the debate, answer questions and, optimally, bring added value.

If you are dealing with a large company, it is sometimes desirable to segment your market and create niche groups.  In this way, the relationship will be stronger between Internet users.  Moreover, it is essential to know the needs of our audience.

Types of functions in virtual communities:

There are three types of functions in virtual communities:

- Transaction communities: links between individuals are rather weak, they are looking for information or to buy a product.

- Communities of interest: individuals with common goals, stronger links between members, especially in the area of ​​health.

- Imagination communities: a purely virtual context in which the members are linked.

Finally, it is important to pay attention to the content of publications within the social network community, which must provide added value, suggestions, responses to members, etc.