How to get around Cancun?

In Cancun, there are enough ways to get around. Whether you are a local or a tourist, you can use the means of transportation available in Cancun. Many people are unaware of the digital means of getting around Cancun. This is what you will discover in this article.

Cabs and Uber

Unlike other western countries, Cancun does not really allow cabs and Uber. Despite the success that Uber Cancun has had in its operations, cabs have not always been able to gain ground. The cost of cabs are almost identical in tourist cities. They are relatively expensive and offer a non-regular service, and especially, in case the drivers are not related to hotels. 
It is necessary that the drivers show their driving licenses visibly. This will help to verify the conformity between the registration number and the license. Ask the hotel reception for help in planning your pick-ups. Seek advice from reliable cab drivers for added assurance. 


Fitness enthusiasts can adopt bicycles as a means of transportation in Cancun. However, keep in mind that the driving conditions in Cancun and the density of traffic in Cancun may cause you to waddle. That said, there are plenty of bike rental services in Cancun. Most of them offer pick-up and drop-off services at your parking spot.  It should also be added that the daily fees are between $10 and $15. You also have the chance to get a helmet in case you forgot yours.

In Cancun, several possibilities are offered to you speaking about the displacement. Bikes, buses, cabs and Uber. However, Uber and cab are not really allowed in Cancun despite their efforts to conquer the field.