Guide with the best to visit this CORSICA 2021 with excursions

Corsica is a wonderful island full of life, this place is full of beautiful natural landscapes surrounded by water, mountains, fauna and flora species. The place is known as the island of beauty thanks to its natural wealth which has even been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. There is a lot to visit and it can be a great experience especially for those who like to share directly with nature.

Guide to the island of Corsica in France

The place is designed for rest and pleasure, it is about preserving the shape of the landscape, so you don't find big hotel chains everywhere, everything you need to serve tourists, but without losing the beautiful image of everything in the island. Here people can enjoy different ecological trails, nature reserves, parks, places full of history, diving spots and, of course, beautiful beaches of incalculable beauty. If you want to know more about how to get to Corsica, go here. Tourists, in addition to enjoying the scenery and activities, can learn a little more about the history and culture of the place, because as different tours are made, they will visit specific places that were an important part of history and are now preserved. A different experience awaits you on this island paradise that will undoubtedly win you over with its natural riches and unforgettable activities.

Calvi, a tourist mecca

Calvi is a small town located in the northwest of Corsica and one of the main tourist sites. Perhaps it has one of the most beautiful environments on the island, with its heavenly beaches and the highest mountain range in Corsica. The citadel of Calvi, with its historic ramparts, is one of the most beautiful places in the city. Formed by three bastions, it allows you to visit many historical monuments. We recommend you to get lost in its narrow streets and discover the charm of the place. If you like the beach, we recommend you to visit the beach of the Pinède, the most famous of Calvi, which also has all kinds of services, restaurants, sailing or diving schools and even tennis courts. It is good to find accommodation in Calvi. There are modest 2 star hotels to 5 star luxury, some located in the historic centre.