EPC: An indispensable measure of success in Affiliate Marketing

Digital marketing is essential today for anyone who wants to grow their business or company. Affiliate marketing is one of the aspects that make the online marketing system stronger. The end result of this system is to make a high profit online. The EPC allows you to measure your earnings in order to revitalise the system. 

What is the EPC?

It is an acronym that stands for "earnings per click". It is also called pay per click. It is a way to earn a considerable amount of money for each click on the affiliate link as an affiliate. For more details, try here

In addition, the EPC is a formula that not only allows you to increase your profits as an affiliate but above all to define new marketing campaign strategies. This campaign will consist, for example, of making the affiliate link effective to click. 

The benefits of EPC in affiliate marketing

Earnings per click" is beneficial for anyone who wants to prosper in affiliate marketing. In contrast to CPC, which indicates the profit margins of a marketing campaign, EPC focuses on the figure on which the affiliate should focus. The turnover evolves simultaneously with the EPC or pay per click offered by affiliate programs.

How to increase EPC in affiliate marketing

To increase your earnings per click, it is important to find the most suitable strategies. This can be done by : 

- Re-engaging every visitor who has lost interest in your products 

- Sharing affiliate links with popups on your site

- Creating a non-intrusive floating bar

- Integrate other affiliate links, also called external links, into blog posts

- Integrate external affiliate links into the email series as well

- Test and change the copy, then rinse and repeat the act

- Finally, calculate and carefully monitor the metrics.

If you adopt these different strategies, your EPC income will certainly be high.