How to Create a Wheelchair Accessible Home

Creating a wheelchair accessible home ensures that everyone in the home enjoys life without concerns each day. Although it may take a bit of time and upgrades, designing a home that meets these qualifications is easy. How can you design a wheelchair accessible and friendly home?

Add Ramps

wheelchair accessible sink

Replace the stairs on the outside of the house with a set of ramps. A wheelchair accessible ramp ensures ease when getting in and out of the home. There are various styles and sizes of ramps available to accommodate all types of properties and needs.

Stair lift/Elevator

Although out of budget for some people, an elevator helps a wheelchair bound individual get to second, third or other floors of the house where they’d otherwise be unable to reach the apes. Contact a professional to learn more about elevator costs and installation. A stair lift is a more affordable option, but it still comes with a hefty price tag. You can also compare the costs of these items to get the best rates.

Sinks & Fixtures

Many people forget the importance of lowered sinks and fixtures when a family member uses a wheelchair. You can easily install a wheelchair accessible sink in your home for both the bathroom and the kitchen. Other lowered fixtures are also available for the house including the toilet. It’s important to update all of the fixtures for ease in the house.

The Bottom Line

The ideas above are a few of the ways to create a home that is easy for a person in a wheelchair to use. You willed to make adjustments for this person such as what is listed here. Keep this information in mind to ensure life is good for this person and other members of the family.